At a reception in the Port-Vendres city hall on Friday, March 29, Vice Mayor Georges Grau made the following remarks:

Speech for the YORKTOWN Delegation
The Mayor apologizes for his absence (not being able to join us) because he underwent a surgery very early this morning.
Dear elected members;
Dear teachers of high schools of ARGELES and County of YORK.
Dear students and dear friends;
“What you have received from your ancestors, acquire it to possess it.” This quote from Goethe reminds us of the strong ties that the generations of Port-VENDRES and Yorktown have maintained since July 13, 1990, and since the signing of the twinning charter, in the presence of Jack SMOOTH, then Mayor of YORKTOWN and our regretted first magistrate Jean – Jacques Vila.
I also think about the transmission of the historical legacy uniting our cities.
Today, we are very proud to welcome a high school delegation from our sister city from the state of Virginia and to continue the friendship through our respective cultures.
We are happy at first to share a breakfast with you. It’s a good way to know each other better.
We wanted this exchange day to be oriented towards the cultural and maritime heritage of the city of Venus. The opportunity to discover the history of the Obelisk, which includes several bas-reliefs including one devoted to the independence of America.
You will be lucky to enjoy throughout the visit of our city comments from Laetitia MARTINEZ the Head of the Tourist Information Office who will be your guide and I especially want to thank for its close cooperation.
After lunch scheduled at 12:00 at “LA VOILE D’OR” a 45 minute boat tour will be offered to the 16 members of the American delegation because we are limited in number for obvious reasons of safety. At 3:15 pm the “little train” will take you all to COLLIOURE for a free visit of this beautiful jewel box prized by the painters and it will take you back to PORT VENDRES around 5h00 pm by a circuit through the vineyard.
I wish you a great stay and hope you will bring back some great memories.