Najoua Benothmane, a foreign language teacher at York High School, was awarded a $440 grant from Sister Cities Yorktown to develop a special project for her French students.

Students will study a poem by French author Charles Baudelaire called, “Les Yeux des Pauvres” (The Eyes of the Poor”). They will learn to differentiate and compare art history periods painting styles, and artists’ mediums. They will learn to differentiate poetry, analyzing complex text, learning new vocabulary, reviewing past knowledge and creating their own visual interpretation of the poem. The end product is creation of a visual essay. Benothmane says this project is innovative, because it allows world language students to learn and practice art and transition from words to images, with a goal of students using divergent thinking and critical thinking.

It is her hope the students’ work might be considered for an exhibition at the Penninsula Fine Arts Center.

“I cannot thank you enough for giving me the wings to guide and engage my students,” she said.

Benothmane will present her project to SCY members at the annual meeting on Sunday, March 17, 4-6 p.m. at the Riverwalk in Yorktown.

Najoua Benothmane, a York High School foreign language teacher, holds a grant check fo4 $440 to develop a special poetry and art project for French students. Sister Cities Yorktown gives money for two annual teacher grants, which are administered by the York Foundation for Public Education. Far left: Larry Cheney, foundation board member, Jaimie Carleo, YHS assistant principal, Benothmane, Gabrielle Glatt, Sister Cities Yorktown board member, Pam Neale, YFPE treasurer, and Page Neal and Catherine Jones, YFPE board members.