Students who participated in the student exchanges in 2015 shared their adventures with members at the Sister Cities Yorktown annual meeting on Sunday, Feb. 28. York County students traveled to France in March last year, staying with students in Port-Vendres and Ceret, and those same French students were hosted by York County families in October.

Hearing their stories reinforced for members why we work so hard to raise money to enable educational and cultural exchanges like these, and why they are important. They spoke of growing and maturing as people during their first travel experience without family. All were amazed at how their proficiency in language developed through emersion. They experienced new foods, different classroom traditions and social customs. They shared each others’ histories. Most of all, they spoke of having new friends for life.

Members also learned that students who participated in earlier exchanges have continued with French study. One young woman is studying political science in Paris right now.

Thank you all for sharing. It is so motivating to members to know how life-changing such experiences can be.