This is an exciting year for Sister Cities Yorktown. It’s our 25th anniversary, our biggest ever French Market, we have student and citizen exchanges in the works, and we welcome the replica of Lafayette’s frigate L’Hermione in Yorktown on June 5 — its’ first port of call.

Don’t miss a chance to be part of these exciting activities by volunteering. We need all our members’ talents to succeed! What are your skills? How would you like to help?

And do you know what volunteering can do for you?

* Be part of something

* Meet new friends and network business connections

* Refine leadership, social and relationship skills

* Inspire

* Give back to your community

* Boost your self-confidence and career

* Stay mentally and physically healthy

Sister Cities Yorktown is proud of the contributions it is making to the educational and cultural life of York County. Join us now! Become a member, and become a VOLUNTEER! It’s fulfilling.