Eight York County citizens depart Sunday, Oct. 20, for an exchange with residents of Yorktown’s sister city, Port-Vendres, France, through Thursday, Oct. 24.
This is the second citizen exchange since 2010. Yorktown and Port-Vendres have enjoyed a relationship since 1990.

York County ambassadors include Don and Belinda Willis, Mario and Connie Buffa, Paul and Judy Garman and Mark and Deborah Robinson. Each couple will be hosted by a Port-Vendres family.

In addition to being introduced to the region’s fine food and wine, the week’s activities include a visit to the Mackintosh Interpretive Center, featuring the work of the artist and architect Charles Renie Mackintosh, a visit and lunch in the historic city of Carcassonne, and tour of Paulilles Recreational Park, which occupies a reclaimed dynamite factory operated by the Nobel family. Paulilles, on the road between the villages of Port-Vendres and Banyuls-sur-Mer, has been recognized as a protected ecological site by Natura 2000. The park contains a museum about the industrial heritage of the site as well as a traditional Catalan boat repair facility.

Mark Robinson, a lieutenant for the York County fire department, will be given a special tour of the regional fire brigade headquarters in Perpignan, France.

The group also will be hosted by Port-Vendres Mayor Jean-Piere Romero and Antoinette Quintilla, founder of Port-Vendres d’Abord. We look forward to hearing all about it from guest blogger Belinda Willis.