What a wonderful day. A very great success! After the different speeches, the first by myself and the second by the Mayor Jean-Pierre Romero, [York County] teacher Roberta Bockrath gave medal for the Quintilla Prize for Educational and Cultural Exchange to Antoinette. She showed such a strong emotion that she nearly cried when she remembered her sister, Simone. It was very moving. We took a lot of photographs of the ceremony. Please wait for a few days to get them. The headmaster of the high school of CERET came to the official reception in the City Hall in PORT-VENDRES and spoke very kindly to the audience. All the pupils of the two high schools, YORKTOWN and CERET, enjoyed their trip to PORT-VENDRES and especially the visit to PAULILLES with a very nice and interesting guide. [Paulilles is a natural area reclaimed from the old Nobel dynamite works.] We had a good time at our lunch at “LA VOILE D’OR,” delicious food with marvelous local wines. Long life to our friendship and our exchanges!–Georges GRAU, Member, Le Conseil Municipal, Commission Culture-Patrimonie et Catalanité