Friday was the day we finally got to see our Sister City, Port Vendres. But it was also the day we left our correspondents, which was bittersweet. We started the morning with a bus ride to Port Vendres, and then took a beautiful walk to the Mayor’s office. The Mayor gave a speech, and then Madame Bockrath, our teacher, presented Madame Antoinette Quintilla with her medal, the Quintilla Prize for Educational and Cultural Exchange. She spoke, which was so touching because she seemed so honored. After all, without her we would not be having a trip like this. Later, three of our American students gave a speech and then two French students did, too. All of them did very well. Soon after we went to see the obelisque, which is the only statue in France that honors America’s independence from Great Britain. We ate a great lunch provided for us, then headed “home” to Céret.