When we arrived in Barcelona, Spain after our nine hour flight we were pretty tired, but that didn’t stop us from having fun! We took a bus to the high school of Céret, where all of our correspondents go to school. When they came outside we were so excited because we finally got to see them in person. At first it was a little hard to communicate with them, but now we have our own little ways.
After we met them we got a little tour of the town and of the school. Then we went to the “musée d’art moderne Céret” (the museum of modern art). It had paintings by Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, and many more. Next we met the mayor of Céret, who was very nice and had food and drinks out for us. We then went home with our correspondents and got settled in.
Today we woke up and went on the school bus. When we arrived we got on another bus to take us to the city of Carcassone. The guide at Carcassone was very nice and explained everything about it very well in English (thank goodness!). It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait until tomorrow, when we will go to school with our correspondents half the day and then go to the château royal.